Dalby Weddings


Looking for a beautiful relaxed country wedding around Dalby? Then Jimbour House could be exactly what you are looking for. There's a stunning little 1800's chapel on the property, oodles of fresh air and it's all just over 200k's from Brisbane.  As a photographer, each time I've been to Jimbour House I couldn't help but notice how guests tend to soak up the atmosphere. You see them relaxing and laughing, genuinely enjoying themselves, and, let's face it, for many couples the atmosphere is paramount. You see it in their faces; people forget about work, they forget about the drive, they really start to feel the place and the best thing is they love being there with you.

From a photographer's viewpoint this is a great thing; lots of good times and lots of laughs -- exactly what I want to photograph. I guess given my own wedding was a country affair, I may be a little biased, but there's something truly special about the openness and the expanse of these country areas that brings a certain feeling to the day. 

Asking your guests to travel to your wedding isn't going to suit everyone, but if this something you're considering for your own wedding, or home is in the surrounding areas like Dalby or Bell, then Jimbour House should absolutely be on your shortlist. The property even has it's own airstrip should you have a plane parked in your garage.  

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