Simply knowing what can't be missed


“The time arrives, that moment when your eyes first glimpse each others... you look to your Dad and there’s a tear in his eye ... your Mum smiles ... you smile ... can you really imagine your album without these pictures?"

Of course you need all the posed, fun and fashion type shots, but it’s the little captured moments that make all the difference.

Weddings present so many opportunities to ‘tell the story’, so many opportunities to show not just how somebody looks, but to show how they actually feel. That’s where the magic lies. That’s what separates the very best photographers from the rest. “It’s my interpretation of the day's events, my impression of what moments are paramount and my vision of what your final images can be that makes me ... well, me!"

About Ian

Ian grew up in rural Queensland with a rather happy and fun childhood, and moved to Brisbane in the 1990’s.  Ian is a husband and a dad and a photographer.  He loves to spend time with his family and especially loves watching his children grow up into real little people.   He loves photography and people - so choose to photograph weddings and portraits for ‘work’, people and scenes for fun, family for the memories, and travel destinations when he can get away (wishes it was more often!).  

He has been shooting weddings since 1988 and has earnt more than 100 National and International awards since then.  He was awarded the AIPP National Travel Photographer of the Year in 2010; and has also been named AIPP Queensland Wedding Photographer of the Year and AIPP Queensland Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Brisbane wedding photographer, Ian Wilkinson, captures honest and heartfelt images of your wedding day. His wedding photography is naturally candid and unobtrusive, so you can enjoy and celebrate your wedding day with family and friends - just as it should be!  Contact Ian now ... Brisbane's Best Wedding Photographer :)