Is there anyone out there that doesn't smile a little inside when they hear a great love story? Even the so-called tough guys seem to find their hearts here, even if they don't show it on the outside. There's something cool about watching two people that just love hanging out together ... they laugh at each other's corny jokes, cry at each other's pain and just hate the thought of being apart. 

In my 25 years shooting weddings, I've stumbled across some great love stories. From grandparents that have celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary to couples that have known each other literally since the day they were born.

But let's face it - people in love are intriguing to just watch and even easier to photograph. We just need to find somewhere that's a bit sentimental ... that could be where they had their first date, maybe where they met, maybe a favourite place to walk together on Sundays or as one of my couples told me last year, just the bus stop out the front of their school where they could just sit and talk after school. 

I just need to add in some beautiful light, get them talking about why they love this place so much and the rest just falls into place.  Before I know it I have two people laughing together, reminiscing over old times and needing very little direction. I just hang back, let them do their own thing and I know we'll have images they'll just love sharing with family and friends for an eternity. 

Wedding photography isn't rocket science. There's no need to overly complicate anything, no need for two or three hours away from wedding guests and no need for too much of that bending the bride over backwards kissing her on the neck stuff. A light-hearted easy-going 45 mins, a few drinks, and some good times is the perfect recipe for a wedding photo shoot.

That doesn't sound too bad does it?