"………… all the good times we had we'll have agaaaaain".  

You have to love those Hoodoo Gurus lyrics. 

Good Times, now we're talking!! These are the shots that really tell stories; the shots that let you show exactly how you felt and let you share the raw emotion of your life together. They're full of personality and are always my favourite shots from each and every wedding. It's nice to have those traditional family images you see from every wedding, but given you've chosen to include the people dearest to your heart in your wedding day, wouldn't it be nice to have photos that showed a bit of personality? You don't have to settle for a shot of Dad where's he's just standing there putting on his best fake camera smile. Wouldn't you just love to have a shot of him, arm around you, or your maybe Mum,  wearing that smile in his eyes that you love so much? These moments come and go in a flash. There's rarely a second chance with these and they demand the most from your photographer. This applies equally to your reception -- it's a party; one of the best parties of your life. The photos should reflect this. You'll see no pretend cake cuttings and no fake first dances here - just real laughs, real moments and real good times. 

Isn't that what weddings are supposed to be about?

It does take a bit of planning to create a truly relaxed affair ... that, and when you wake on the morning of your wedding you just need to accept much of the day is now in the hands of the wedding gods. This is the time the people you've hired have to step up to the plate and do their job.

As a photographer I know there's no second chances. I know I have to bring my A game to every wedding and I know you've put your trust in me to deliver.

This is when I call on my 20+ years and over 1000 weddings of experience. Let's do this together!